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1st read 7/21/11: I loved this book!! The Running Dream is definitely one of my all-time favorites. I dont know if it was the plot, or the characters, or the running theme, but I loved it all the same. Jessica, the main character is very similar to me, which made the message really hit home.

1. She is 16.
2. She is a runner. @I am a runner. Thats what I do. Thats who I [email protected] (6).
3. She runs the 400 meter dash. @Fifty-five flat! Its a new personal best for me. A new record for the [email protected] (11). (my best is a 61.88)
4. She has a sister who is 13.

In the beginning of the book, readers find out that Jessica has just lost her right leg from below the knee due to a school bus accident. I had a tiny taste of what Jessica must have felt like when I had a stress fracture in my foot. I hated not being able to run. And, speaking from a runners viewpoint, that would be devastating. How can you run with only one leg? This book tells the story of Jessicas journey back into living and enjoying her life, having hope again, and fulfilling a dream. It was absolutely amazing.

Maybe its because Jessica is a runner that I understand her so easily. Wendelin Van Draanen used a lot of running analogies that fit so well in the story, and in Jessicas life.

For example, this quote represents the beginning of a new phase in Jessicas life: @Its like [my mom has] reached the end of her leg of the relay. She gave it her all. Shes exhausted. Collapsing. I know what that feels like, and I know what this means. Its my turn to hold the [email protected] (78). This exactly explains the feeling you have at the end of a 4 x 400 relay. A 400 drains everything out of you, but once you have finished, you feel so good.

This passage explains perfectly what it feels like when you are running the 400. I dont know how to say it better. @Rigor Mortis Bend. Its a place in the 400-meter race where every cell of your body locks up. Your lungs ache for air. Your quads turn to cement. Your arms pump desperately, but theyre stiff and feel like lead. Rigor Mortis Bend is the last turn of any track, and at Liberty High youre greeted with a headwind. The finish line comes into view and you will yourself toward it, but the wind pushes you back, your body begs you to give up, and the whole world seems to grind into slow motion. Your determination is all thats [email protected] (16).

I also like this quote: @...somewhere inside me I can feel a shift. Im turning a corner. Leaving one long, hard section of track behind [email protected] (83).

And this one I think explains perfectly how someone who has just been crippled might feel: @Its disturbing how fast weeds take root in my garden of worthiness. Theyre so hard to pull. And grow back so [email protected] (314).
I think this might be my favorite - if you are judging on humor: @...because come on - when is a runner not [email protected] (101).

These two have great messages: @Minute by minute by minute by minute. Hour by hour by hour by hour. Day by day by day by day. Thats how anybody makes it through [email protected] (328). AND @This race has made me believe that theres nothing I cant do. This is my new starting [email protected] (332).

This quote is pretty deep, and made me think: @Youre very philosophical about the finish line. [Rosa] gives a thoughtful nod. Its symbolic. I nod too, because Im sure I know what she means, but then she adds, Because its also the starting [email protected] (214).

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. It has a great message and very real characters. It was amazing!!

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What a sweet story this was. Very inspiring and emotional which surprised me. I love being so pleasantly surprised by a book. This was such a great read and every young girl, boy even adults should read this little gem. It was so easy to get swept away with this story and the message behind it.

مشاهده لینک اصلی
I wasnt in the right frame of mind to start this: The realism and the idea of the main character coping with a catastrophic injury just wasnt appealing. Soon, though, I was into it and amazed at how involved I was becoming. Almost every place in the narrative that things could have gone sappy, I allowed myself to find uplifting. What might have come off as didactic turned out inspirational. Bits that some writers might cast in a melodramatic light were just honestly emotional.

The scenario isnt flashy or complicated: junior in high school Jessica is injured when an uninsured junk-truck driver crashes into a school bus taking her track team home after a meet. She is gravely injured, and while her life is saved, one of her legs is not. She must deal with an below-knee amputation. Tough for anyone but especially for a young person addicted to running, her recovery is rocky, but with the help of supportive parents, an A #1 best friend, a devoted track coach, rallying teammates, a boy who might just like her out of something more than pity, a math whiz freshman with cerebral palsy, a town that reaches out to help her, and many runners dream companion--a shaggy dog who loves to run beside her, she might just come out the other side of tragedy stronger than she went in. Through fittings for prosthetic legs and learning to do so many things all over again, Jessica survives and even starts to thrive.

Im a bit of cynic, rarely an optimist, dare I say even at times a downright misanthrope? But even I was swept up in the tide of this characters efforts and good heart. It provides a nice contrast to dystopia, paranormal romance, and boarding school hook-ups and illuminates what some critics are wringing their hands over--the prevalence of dark content and themes in YA lit. Im glad to have this one to recommend and hope it makes the next round of Peach nominees.

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I ran competitively for seven years of my life, and still run on occasion, so young adult novels about runners feel like they were written specifically with me in mind. I’m really glad that my book club gave me the opportunity to read this book as it’s been chilling on my shelves for a while. It sounds like the weirdest thing to say about a book where the main character is an amputee, but The Running Dream made me all kinds of happy.

The Running Dream is one of the most readable books I’ve read in 2012. The chapters are incredibly short and packed with emotion, but usually not melodramatic. At times it felt a little bit predictable, but I liked what was happening as the plot progressed, so I didn’t mind.

There are a lot of complaints a reader can make about The Running Dream, particularly that Van Draanen tried to tack too many issues and themes. Jessica’s friend Rosa has cerebral palsy and there’s a bit of romance in the novel. I actually felt that both of these things were tied into the story in a way that didn’t feel contrived. Plus, I was so happy to be reading a book about running that I just didn’t mind other minor issues with the story.

The Running Dream is a book that began as a roller coaster ride and left me in a great mood. My middle school aged self would have loved this book even more than my adult self. Even if it’s not a perfect book, The Running Dream is a great book for readers who are just stating to read YA and want a great novel about sports.

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Im a huge fan of track and field. Which is not surprising if you knew where I came from. In my country this guy *points to picture* is practically a national hero.

While reading this story I couldnt get Oscar Pistorius out of my mind. He was one of track and fields biggest comeback stories this year and, like Jessica, he is also a BK (below knee) amputee. My throat was raw for most of this novel-- but in a good way. Jessicas attitude towards her missing limb, life, family, and friends was very inspiring. She didnt wallow (much) is her self despair, even though she had every right to; she fought the odds and started running again. Shes really a great remodel and I honestly did learn a lot from her and the characters in this book. 
Oscar Pistorius (BTW Oscar has to win one more race to qualify for the 2012 Summer Olympics. He will be the first amputee to do so if he succeeds)

مشاهده لینک اصلی
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